Who We Are

GGMS is providing professional consulting services in specialized area of Financing, EB5 Immigration Investment, Real Estate Development and Investment, and other expertise sectors. This is unique and specialized services that can deliver prosperity and success to our clients.  

Financial Consulting

GGMS’s one of the specialized consulting area is financial consulting firm servicing its’ growing number of clients globally. We specialize in the emerging markets with a focus on seeking Project Finance, Development Infrastructure Finance, Equity Loan for Public Companies, Letter of Credit Finance (IRDLC, SBLC, & BG), and Surety Bonds. GGMS has formed strategic alliances with numerous leading Fund Managers, Private Investors and Investment Bankers resulting from a careful examination and due diligence of the potential market characters for their funding models.

GGMS promise our clients for confidentiality and prompt attention. GGMS assures providing expert access to the most Advanced Financing Programs. We source Unique Funding Solutions through major banks and capital markets providing funding for challenging projects. We have an intimate interest in clients’ project being ready to go by our portfolio of investors. We are committed to our clients’ success. Our clients’ success is our success.

EB5 Immigration Consulting

The purpose of GGMS is to create jobs and promote sustainable economic growth through the investment and development of real estate related projects throughout the United States. The GGMS team is composed of experienced real estate professionals, investment professionals, and immigration attorneys. Beyond providing quality investments, GGMS is committed to providing the highest level of professional service to investors and their families.
GGMS works hand in hand with the local, regional and state authorities to deploy EB-5 funding (and other sources, as appropriate) to create jobs and promote sustainable economic growth in the regions. Through real estate construction, renovation and management activities addressing, but not limited to, investment in tourism, hospitality, technology, transportation, manufacturing and trade, health services, education, commercial office and mixed use, food service industry and retail trade sectors.

Real Estate Investment

GGMS is purveyor of best of class relationships in developing countries around the globe. With a profound respect for our clients, GGMS seeks unique real estate opportunities that fit pre-identified investment directives. We are lovers of the land, competent pioneers and passionate adventurers that seek to offer conventional investors an opportunity to be immersed in the developing world, while remaining well within their investment comfort zone. It is our belief that by implementing a development approach that relies on best of class professionals, sound accounting and reporting principals, and open communication; investment in the developing world can be defined by rewarding experiences and exceptional returns.

Purchasing / Marketing Services

Operating budgets are dominated by two factors: salaries/related expenses, and external supplier spending. Our focus at GGMS is to help our clients meet their budget challenges by significantly reducing external supplier spending on purchased goods and services throughout the organization, leveraging supplier capabilities.

GGMS's comprehensive service offerings afford organizations the opportunity to solve multiple challenges at one time. Many of our clients seek our assistance in concurrently reducing their cost of operations, addressing organizational and morale issues, refocusing management units, and improving their cost performance through enhanced asset utilization.


DISCLAIMER: Grace Global Management Solutions, Inc. (“GGMS”) assists companies and individuals in identifying and obtaining Project Financing, Equity Loan, Commodity Trading Financing, etc. from various international lending sources. GGMS is not a licensed dealer of U.S. securities or commodities, nor is a licensed broker, investment advisor, accounting firm, law firm or other licensed professional. The information provided on this website and any accompanying files or documentation is not to be construed as a solicitation for investment, nor is it intended as such. On the contrary, the information contained on this website is purely for informational purposes and may be subject to error. Neither GGMS, nor any of its employees, agents, contractors or affiliates make any warranty or guarantee, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information or data contained herein.