What We Do – EB5 Immigration Consulting

Processing Step

Preliminary Stage
Investor reviews Project; completes Investor Accreditation Questionnaire; If approved, Investor remits refundable deposit of $65,000. USD to Bank Escrow Account (Pre-Reservation).
Investor confirms by signing and returning Reservation, and Legal Fee Agreement. Upon confirmation $65,000.00 refundable deposit is deposited into Bank Escrow Account and becomes NON-REFUNDABLE.
The Subscription Agreement is signed by Investor & LLC; Investor completes and returns Family Questionnaires and receives I-526 Confidential Checklist from Behar Law Group; Investor to complete Source of Funds and Path of Funds charts.
Month 1
SEC Documents are signed and returned to Behar Law Group office. Investor remits the investment of $500,000. USD to Bank Escrow Account.
Investor remits all documents listed on I-526 Confidential Checklist for review and submission to USCIS by Behar Law Group. I-526 Application is completed and submitted to USCIS for approval.
Month 6
Receive decision from USCIS (Approval/ Denial/ or Request for Further Evidence)
Receipt of I-797C Approval Notice or Denial of Application; Notification of Approval to National Visa Center.
Release of $500,000.00 Investment amount to LLC by Bank upon receipt of I-797C Approval notice.
Consular processing via National Visa Center or adjustment of status if in the US.
Month 7
Prepare for Consular Interview (Investor must complete Medical exam to be submitted at Consular interview)
Month 10
Consular Interview in home country or if in US at National Visa Center.
Investor receives Approval Envelope and Immigrant Visa stamped in passport(s)
Entry to U.S at any Port of Entry.
Month 11
Investor receives Welcome Notice.
Investor receives I-551 Conditional Residency Card (Temporary Green Card )by U.S Mail.
Month 28
Investor prepares documentation for submission of I-829-Lifting of Conditional Status (separate process).
Month 31
I-829 Application is submitted to USCIS and must demonstrate Capital Investment and Job creation or Job preservation.
Month 35
Receipt of decision from USCIS -Approval/ Denial/ or Request for Further Evidence.
Month 36
Investor receives Welcome Notice by Mail.
Investor receives final unrestricted I-551 Residency Card (Permanent Green Card) by U.S Mail.
Month 67
Investor may apply for U.S Citizenship (optional)


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