What We Do – EB5 Immigration Consulting


Section 4: How do I apply?

What is my next step?
Step 1
You must register on our web site at:
Contact us by call or sending an email for a telephone consultation:
Step 2
Commitment of funds and required documentation to prove and trace the investment funds.
Health considerations
Confirm no criminal record or past immigration violations
Time frame
Any other relevant issues
Step 3
Investigate the financial viability of the investment, and track record of the Promoter Developer – Speak directly with the President of the company
We recommend you seek professional advice and conduct due diligence on the prospective investment.
Step 4
Make the initial refundable deposit of $65,000.00 USD for a place on the investor list and complete initial application documents. This is the total administrative and legal fee for your EB-5 investment.
We recommend that you visit the Regional Center and review the project in person.
Step 5
Retain Behar Law Group to act on your behalf with the USCIS and handle the documentation and application process in conjunction with our immigration counsel.
Provide all documents requested by legal counsel. You will receive copies of the SEC documentation and business plan for your review and due diligence..
Step 6
Sign and remit the Subscription Agreement and Operating Agreement as well as transmit the $500,000.00 investment amount into the escrow account.
Step 7
Sign all necessary application documents for the immigration process.
Step 8
File I-526 Petition for Alien Entrepreneur with the USCIS. This petition requests USCIS to certify the applicant and the investment as eligible for EB-5 status.
Step 9
Upon approval of the Petition, (a) if you are in the United States, you may apply for Adjustment of Status to Conditional Resident status, or (b) if you are abroad, you must wait for notification from the National Visa center to prepare documents for the Immigrant Visa interview at the U.S. Consulate or Embassy in your home country.
The purpose of the Adjustment of Status or Immigrant Visa interview is to ensure you are not subject to grounds of exclusions, e.g. a criminal past, infectious disease, etc.
Step 10
Once issued conditional permanent resident status, wait 21 months to reconfirm that the full investment has been made and 10 jobs created (if required, based on type of investment) by the limited liability corporation.
Step 11
File application to remove conditional resident status (Form I-829) between 21to 24 months after Conditional Resident status is approved.
Step 12
Once conditional resident status is removed, a full Green Card is granted for indefinite permanent resident status and work permission in the United States.
U.S. Citizenship is possible 57 months after conditional residency upon satisfaction of residence and other criteria.


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