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Section 3: Investment

Where is the investment situated?
How is the investment structured?
What is a Limited Liability Company?

The limited liability company is formed by filing a charter with a state government and consists of managing members and one or more other members. The charter details the rights and powers of the managing and management members, percentages of ownership, and distribution of profits. The managing members manage the business. The members are passive investors liable only for the amount of their investment but may participate in some management decisions.

What are my risks?
Must I invest the full capital contribution before you will apply for my Green Card?

YES. Although the regulations permit escrow arrangements, other investment companies place EB-5 investor’s funds directly into the project. The promoters of this regional center insist that for investor protection and assurance, the investor’s funds are placed in a trust or escrow account pending petition approval. The funds may only be released to the project upon approval of EB-5 Investor Immigration petition.

How safe is my investment?
What is the return on my investment?

3.5% to be paid semi-annually.

How does the limited liability company distribute income?
Are there any guarantees on this program being successful?

Why is the developer promoter using foreign investors for this EB-5 program?
If I wish to visit the Regional Center, is that possible?

Yes. Please contact the Regional Center directly who will be happy to arrange an in-person meeting.

Is the EB-5 Green Card ‘guaranteed’ by participating in this investment program?
A Green Card cannot be “guaranteed” however your five hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars is held in a “Bank Escrow Account” and fully refunded in the event of a denial of your petition, less administrative and legal expenses of $65,000.00. No one can ever guarantee the outcome of a visa application or petition. It is solely up to USCIS to adjudicate. The best chance for success is to have a well-prepared petition by competent, legal counsel experienced in EB-5 visa matters. No investment money is released from the bank escrow account to the project until your I-526 Petition is approved aside from the $65,000.00.

If my I-526 petition for my Green Card is denied, do I get my five hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars back?
Within 30 days or less, you will receive directly from the bank escrow account, your five hundred thousand dollar investment, less the administrative and legalfee of $65,000.00.

Does the Administrative fee include unbiased legal counsel to represent me for my application to USCIS?
The sponsors believe that it is important for you to have independent legal counsel representing your interests. The Administrative and legal fee includes and allows for filing of the application by qualified immigration counsel, the Behar Law Group.

How extensive is the paperwork/application process, and will I receive help?
You will be provided with a detailed schedule of requirements and list of documents. You will be assisted throughout the entire application process.

Am I still required to hire an immigration attorney?
NO- the legal and administrative fee paid to the regional center includes the compilation and filing of the I-526 petition for you, your spouse, and any minor children under the age of 21 with USCIS.

U.S. Tax Matters and Considerations
The United States charges income, gift and estate taxes on all U.S. Citizens and Permanent residents alike, and is based upon worldwide income. Foreign investors should consider the tax implications and review matters with their professional advisors before becoming a U.S. Permanent Resident and before making any investment.
Pre-Immigration Tax Planning
Before you become a resident of the United States you may wish to consider reducing or eliminating some of the United States income, gift and estate tax consequences which would be applicable to you once you become a United States taxpayer. These objectives may be accomplished through utilizing some common planning techniques such as:
Making gifts
Accelerating income and gains
Deferring deductions and losses
Creating, amending and/or revoking wills and trusts
Creating and/or reorganizing entities
Establishing tax-deferred investment vehicles
Consult your tax advisor first!


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